Benjamin Bauman
Visual Artist
Senior Market Analyst

I have had the fortune to live and experience many different places, each with their own unique set of customs and circumstances. Six years of my childhood were spent in a handful of remote Indonesian villages without electricity or running water. In adulthood, I lived for five years in the south side of Chicago, where I witnessed many standing strong in the face of hardship. I now live and work in New York City, and am proud to call the Alphabet City home.


With a love of art that began in childhood, I have practiced painting murals, shaping clay on the pottery wheel, and illustration. I pride myself in being a generalist with a broad set of skills and interests, including art, design, analytics, business strategy, and programming. My professional and personal pursuits are motivated by an insatiable drive to get out and try new things.


I developed a passion of analytics in graduate school. Much of my learning then was focused on geographic information systems (GIS) and other forms of geospatial analytics. Since then, I’ve developed a passion for all forms of data-driven insights beyond those that are spatial in nature, with the help of tools such as SQL, Python, Excel, and Tableau. Over time, I’ve also fostered a more holistic understanding of the business life cycle and have focused much of my work lately in business strategy.  


Visual communication is the common thread in my work. Be it illustration, design, or data processes, this is how I tell my story.

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